Update your home with today's styles

The choice of carpeting can often make or break a room. Tyrer Wholesale Floor Covering experts can help you develop the feel of the space you're looking to decorate while keeping in mind its purpose and the level of foot traffic.

Get exactly what you want in flooring

Schedule an appointment to view our large selection of carpets in our showroom, located in Lenexa.
When it's time to replace your carpeting, consider it an opportunity to add some new color and texture to the room. With a wide variet of styles available, you'll be sure to find one that helps give your room a fresh new look. Our carpet experts will help you choose the perfect choice to fit your needs.
Flooring should last

Even the most robust hardwood, vinyl carpeted or composite flooring eventually succumbs to traffic and time. That's why we install only the best flooring materials, so you can be sure your floor will last. We use the best quality flooring, and know exactly how to install it.
Variety adds options
  • Premium carpeting
  • Top quality vinyl flooring
  • Beautiful hardwoods
  • Huge tile selections
  • Natural stone
  • Ceramics  
Making the right choice takes time and experience

Finding the right flooring can take some time. We're flooring experts, and we're here to help you make the right choice. Call for an appointment to view our showroom and spend as long as you want looking, feeling and walking on samples.

We've been a local, family owned business since 2002.

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